Wild Weekend was the name of a special theme-sectioned programme broadcast on CBBC on Choice from Saturday 30th June 2001 - Sunday 28th October 2001.

About Edit

The strand launched on Saturday June 30th 2001 at 6.00am - 6.30am in the morning and 6.30pm - 7.00pm at teatimes, It took over from Wacky Weekend which was broadcast from March - June 2001, Shows broadcast on Wild Weekend were The Animal Magic Show (which premiered and was new to CBBC on Choice), Caterpillar Trail, Two by Two and The Wild Bunch. The schedule varied for the four programmes broadcast and were not broadcast on the same day all the time, Instead the programmes came on at 6.00am/6.30pm one week and then the week after would come on at 6.15am/6.45pm like it's successor strand Make It Magic. The strand ended on Sunday 28th October 2001 and was replaced by Make It Magic on Saturday 3rd November 2001, The Animal Magic Show continued to be broadcast on the new strand while the other ones have had one-off broadcasts on Choosy Bits and not have shown again since.

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