The First Snow of Winter is an animated television film produced by Hibbert Ralph Entertainment and Link Entertainment and first aired on the BBC on 25 December 1998.

Plot Edit

In Ireland, winter season is approaching and ducks are starting their migration. A young and daring white duck named Sean McDuck decides to slide down a hill and over to the other side of a stream, against the warnings of his young puffin friend, Puffy. When he reaches the other side, Puffy cautiously warns him about an approaching red fox, which he narrowly escapes. Later, when Sean and his family migrate, he gets lost while trying to chase some seagulls, following a run in with a plane, which gets him left behind with a broken wing and stranded and his family presumes he was eaten by the fox when the mother sees it with its offspring playing with white feathers. A kind brown rodent named Voley spares a while before his hibernation to prepare Sean for the cold winter (as well as teaching him to play a blade of grass as an instrument and even does an Irish stepdance with Sean along with several sheep). After struggling through the first day of winter and having to take shelter in a boot, he later finds that Puffy also got left behind and stranded.

For the rest of the winter the two friends keep each other company. When springtime comes, Sean and Puffy eagerly look for their families. The two friends are cornered by the fox and eventually end up on a ship, but are rescued by Voley and Sean manages to drive away the fox. Shortly Sean and Puffy are happily reunited with their families as Sean stepdances with Voley.

Voice cast Edit

  • Sean McDuck - Miriam Margolyes UK
  • Voley - Dermot Morgan UK
  • Puffy - Kate Sachs UK and US
  • Mother Duck - Sorcha Cusack UK
  • Father Duck - Neil McCaul UK and US
  • Sean McDuck - Ashley Johnson US
  • Voley - Tim Curry US
  • Mother Duck - Carol Kane US

Repeats Edit

It has been broadcast several times since 25th December 1998 on BBC1 and BBC2, The other times it was broadcast was Monday 27th December 1999, 26th December 2000, 2001 and 2002, 23rd December 2003, 20th December 2005, 22nd December 2006, 21st December 2007 and 23rd December 2008. CBBC on Choice have also shown it in both Christmas 2000 and 2001.