The Adventures of Spot is a series of children's books by Eric Hill, which were later made into a popular children's animation series, known as Spot, for BBC television by David McKee's King Rollo Films.

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Plot Edit

  • Corey Burton - Narrator (The Adventures of Spot; season 1)

The Adventures of Spot (1986) Edit

The 1st season of The Adventures of Spot, which was animated and produced by King Rollo Films, aired on the BBC between 9 April 1986. It consisted of 13 episodes, each 5 minutes long. The episodes were narrated by Corey Burton, with the characters voiced by Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Corey Burton and Linda Gary and the music was composed by Duncan Lamont. At the end of each episode, quoth Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Ruff Ruff!".

episodes in this season:

  1. "Spot's Surprise Parcel" (9 April 1986)
  2. "Spot's Lost Bone" (16 May 1986)
  3. "Spot's First Walk" (23 April 1986)
  4. "Spot in the Woods" (30 April 1986)
  5. "Spot's Birthday Party" (7 May 1986)
  6. "Where's Spot?" (14 May 1986) (Taken from ABC For Kids Bumper Collection)
  7. "Sweet Dreams, Spot" (20 May 1986)
  8. "Spot Goes to School" (28 May 1986)
  9. "Spot Goes to the Circus" (4 June 1986)
  10. "Spot Follows His Nose" (11 June 1986) (Taken from ABC For Kids Bumper Collection)
  11. "Spot Goes Splash" (18 June 1986)
  12. "Spot's Windy Day" (16 July 1986)
  13. "Spot Goes To The Beach" (17 July 1986)

Spot's Londonian Adventures (1993) Edit

The so-called second series of The Adventures of Spot aired between 7 September and 30 November 1993, and, like the first season, consisted of thirteen five-minute episodes. The episodes are now coproduced by King Rollo Films and Machame Studios Limited. Paul Nicholas's narration had gone, two new voice actors are added: Merlin Nett and Ellie Beaven, and Duncan Lamont returned as composer of the music. Many of the characters' looks (most notably Helen's and Tom's) were refined in this season.

Episodes in this season:

  1. "Spot Meets Big Ben" (7 September 1993)
  2. "Spot Stays Overnight" (titled "Spot Sleeps Over" in the U.S.) (14 September 1993)
  3. "Spot Makes a Cake" (21 September 1993)
  4. "Spot Goes to the Park" (28 September 1993)
  5. "Spot Finds a Key" (5 October 1993)
  6. "Spot Plays Football" (13 October 1993)
  7. "Spot Goes to a Party" (19 October 1993)
  8. "Spot's Winter Sports" (26 October 1993)
  9. "Spot Gets Lost in Hogehill Square" (2 November 1993)
  10. "Spot's Favorite Toy" (9 November 1993)
  11. "Spot's First Picnic" (16 November 1993)
  12. "Spot At the Playground" (23 November 1993)
  13. "Storytime with Spot" (30 November 1993)

The Specials (1995 - 1997) Edit

Between 1995 and 1997, two specials were produced: Spot's Magical Christmas (aired September 11, 1995) and Spot and his Grandparents Go to the Carnival (aired November 10, 1997). These two specials, which are both thirty minutes long, have some notable differences from the normal series. First off, they have no narration, and each character is voiced distinctly. The characters' mouths also move to speech, in comparison to the other episodes, in which the characters' mouths remain static and the entire episode is narrated as a story. There are also several songs in the specials, as there were in It's Fun to Learn With Spot; however, the songs in the specials were longer and more complex than those featured in It's Fun to Learn With Spot.

Repeats Edit

Spot the Dog has been broadcast several times on BBC1 and BBC2 in the 1980's, CBBC on Choice premiered the 1st series of Spot from Day 1 on Monday 29th November 1999 at 6.40am and begins to air the second series on Monday 24th January 2000 at 6.55am. It's second run began on Monday 4th December 2000 at the same times as the first run and was broadcast over Christmas 2000 showing the main episodes and the specials Spot's Magical Christmas and Spot and his Parents Go to a Carnival concluding on Friday 5th January 2001. The third run began on Monday 7th May 2001 at 6.55am, 9.55am, 12.55pm and 3.55pm and continued until Friday 8th June 2001, the fourth and final run began on Monday 8th October 2001 at the same times as the last run and concluded on Friday 9th November 2001. Spot was repeated on Disney Channel and Playhouse Disney the same time CBBC on Choice broadcasted it.