Superbods was a children's programme looking at the human body and was presented by Nicola Davies and Philip Hawthorn and was broadcast on BBC One from 1991-1992.

Repeats Edit

CBBC on Choice has shown Superbods beginning on Monday 20th December 1999 and was shown over Christmas at 7.45am, 10.45am, 1.45pm and 4.45pm and in the New Year at the same times until Friday 21st January 2000. It was repeated again on Monday 20th November 2000 - Friday 22nd December 2000 at 7.20am, 10.20am, 1.20pm and 4.20pm, Monday 21st May 2001 - Friday 22nd June 2001 at 8.45am, 11.45am, 2.45pm and 5.45pm and one more time on Monday 7th January 2002 - Friday 8th February 2002 at 8.45am, 11.45am, 2.45pm and 5.45pm.

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