Monster Café is a Children's BBC comedy programme about three monsters working in Monster Café, where they meet weird monsters, serve weird food and battle with their evil boss, the Baroness. The series originally aired from 1994–1995.

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Characters Edit

Frankie played by Isobel Middleton

Frankie is a female robot who works at the café. She is the smartest of the trio and uses many of the gadgets on her body to help out with problems and to fight the Baroness sometimes.

Igor played by David Shimwell

Igor is a 1-trillion-millenniums-old Transylvanian man who has very poor hygiene (but claims it's an old Transylvanian custom). He also works at the café and loves making potions and other weird concoctions. He also has a pet dustbin called Vinny. Igor also has a short temper, when he gets angry he has a 'Monster Bubbly' where he breathes fire and throws saucepans and custard pies (which always hit Skull) at other monsters.

Mummy played by Toby Sedgwick

Mummy is a 6000-year-old Egyptian mummy who works at the café. He is very dim-witted and often gets stuff wrong. He also pronounces his Ms as Rs (So he called himself Rummy). Mummy sleeps in a coffin.

Baroness de Monstro played by Peta Lily

The Baroness is the bossy and bad-tempered manager of the Monster Café. She also hates the monsters having any kind of fun and meals being given away for free. She also created Frankie to help work in the café.

Minor characters Edit

Vinny the Bin

Igor's pet dustbin who acts very much like a dog and will eat anything.

Skull played by Simon Davies

A talking skull who lives in the Monster Café. He always tells incredibly bad jokes and is often mistreated, by being turned into a cabbage by the Baroness or having a custard pie thrown at him by Igor.

Chas played by Richard Ashton

Monster Café's best and favourite customer. Chas loves eating slugs and talks with a very strong Birmingham accent.

Quotes Edit

  • "Ma ma ma mushca!"
  • "Back in a monster mo"
  • "Monster me!"

Repeats Edit

Monster Cafe has been shown on BBC1 and BBC2 from 1994 - 2005, CBBC on Choice premiered Monster Cafe on Saturday 4th December 1999 at 7.30am and 10.30am until Sunday 26th March 2000. It returned on weekends on Saturday 13th April 2001 - Sunday 24th June 2001 at 8.50am, 11.50am, 2.50pm and 5.50pm. The series was repeated on CBBC and CBeebies in 2002 and BBC Two in May 2005, and again on CBeebies in November 2007, but after complaints on BBC Message Boards and direct to the BBC regarding how the programme scared young children, it was pulled from the schedule.