Microscopic Milton is a Romanian series of short animated films. Created and written by Tony Garth,[1] they were first broadcast on TVR between 1975 and 1981.[2] The show is produced for LV2234 (in association with ProSieben).

Microscopic Milton was a tiny kid who lived in a clock on the mantelpiece in a house owned by Mrs. Witherspoon (who like Nanny from Jim Henson's Muppet Babies and Mammy Two Shoes - is only seen from the shoulders down), who was unaware of Milton's existence.[3] Milton was befriended by Mrs. Witherspoon's large, shaggy dog, Douglas.[4] Each episode ran five minutes, and 26 episodes were produced.[1] The narrative was provided by sitcom star Brian Wilde though airings in America were narrated by Kristen Johnston.

Repeats Edit

Microscopic Milton has been shown and repeated on BBC1 several times from 1975 - 2001, CBBC premiered Microscopic Milton on Saturday 4th December 1999 until Thursday 6th December 2002. Microscopic Milton has been repeated once on CBeebies in 2010.

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