Make it Magic was the name of a special theme-sectioned programme broadcast on CBBC on Choice from Saturday 3rd November 2001 - Sunday 10th February 2002.

About Edit

The strand launched on Saturday 3rd November 2001 at 6.00am - 6.30am in the morning and 6.30pm - 7.00pm at teatime after the previous strand Wild Weekend which broadcasted nature programming was finished which was broadcast since Summer 2001, It was also known as Magic Moments in November 2001, Make It Magic was the second make-and-do strand to be broadcast on CBBC on Choice since Gremlyn in the Works from September 2000 - March 2001 which only showed 2 episodes of Bitsa as a double bill, Shows broadcast on the strand were Bitsa, The Animal Magic Show, The Artbox Bunch and Morph TV with Tony Hart. The schedule varied for the four programmes broadcast and were not broadcast on the same day all the time, Instead the programmes came on at 6.00am/6.30pm one week and then the week after would come on at 6.15am/6.45pm. The strand ended on Sunday 10th February 2002 and was notable for being the last strand to be broadcast on CBBC on Choice. The last programme in the main schedule was Christopher Crocodile before Make It Magic, The second to last programme afterwards was The Artbox Bunch and the final programme overall was Bitsa and then after this, CBBC on Choice officially ended and was replaced by CBBC and CBeebies from the following day.