Bump was a British television programme aimed at young children, created by Charles Mills and Terry Brain (also responsible for The Trap Door and Stoppit and Tidyup), produced by Queensgate Productions and originally aired on BBC1. It was a cartoon that featured an elephant named Bump and a bluebird named Birdie. The first series was aired from 14 September to 7 December 1990, and the second from 10 January to 4 April 1994. The two series ran a total of twenty-six episodes, each 5 minutes long. In 1994 there was a Christmas special which was 10 minutes in length. The programme was narrated by Simon Cadell of Hi-De-Hi fame, who died in 1996. Bump was known to be very clumsy, a trait that was emphasised by a bandage stuck onto his forehead. Birdie would often give Bump advice on how he could become more graceful. Bump and Birdie regularly encountered animals that had a problem (such as Whizzer the mouse, Munch the tortoise, McDuff the dog, Big Bun and Little Bun the rabbits and Batty the bat) and would help them to find a solution. Most of these animals were recurring characters, and all of the characters' Stoppit and Tidyup-esque sounds were made by analog synthesizers.

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Credits Edit

Series 1 Edit

  • Narrated by: Simon Cadell
  • Animation: CMTB Animation
  • Artwork & Music: Steve Augarde
  • Stories by: Christopher James
  • Executive Producer: Theresa Plummer-Andrews
  • Produced by: Dennis Hooper
  • © Bump Enterprises Ltd. 1990

Series 2 Edit

  • Stories by: Christopher James
  • Narrated by: Simon Cadell
  • Animated by: CMTB Animation
  • Edited by: Nick Upton
  • Art & Music: Steve Augarde
  • Art Director: Peter Corri
  • Executive Producer for the BBC: Theresa Plummer-Andrews
  • Executive Producer for Abbey Broadcast Communications Plc: Anne Miles
  • Directed by: Terry Brain
  • Produced by: Dennis Hooper
  • © Bump Enterprises Ltd. 1994
  • An Abbey Broadcast Communications Plc. Videal Productions - GMBH Production
  • © Abbey Broadcast Communications Plc. Videal Productions - GMBH 1994

Repeats Edit

Bump has been shown several times on BBC1 and BBC2 from 1990 - 2000, CBBC on Choice has also shown Bump beginning on Monday 24th January 2000 2000 after A Bear Behind until Friday 25th Febuary 2000. The second time they showed it was from Monday 26th March - Friday 20th April 2001 at 5.55pm and weekday afternoons of summer 2001 right after The Artbox Bunch.