Binka was an animated children's cartoon about the adventures of a fat tomcat named Binka who frequently travels to three houses for three meals a day. The show was produced and screened in 2001, running for 26 five minute long episodes on weekday mornings. Binka was thrust into the media spotlight after it was flagged by the Daily Mail for its supposed socialist undertones.

Characters and SettingsEdit

Binka has three houses.


The main character in the cartoon. This blue and white tomcat likes Suki, chasing squirrels, hunting, eating and napping. He doesn't like Spit, bathing or being annoyed by the squirrel.


Suki is a purple cat who likes Binka. She can be friendly to Binka but she also can be disdainful. She walks in a rather vain way.


The playful puppy who lives with the Lockett family. He likes Binka but he can be an annoyance to him. Binka and Tango are good friends.


A scornful dark green cat who has a strong dislike for Binka. He intimidates Binka and Tango.


A Ginger cat who usually pops his head out to see what Binka is doing. They aren't friends or enemies.

Mrs. DawsonEdit

The owner of the first house that Binka goes to regularly.

The Locket FamilyEdit

The owners of the second house that Binka goes to regularly.

Mr. BoltEdit

The owner of the third house that Binka goes to regularly.


BBC2 premiered Binka on Tuesday 4th September 2001 at 8.10am and repeated at 1.00pm, CBBC on Choice has also screened Binka, launching on Saturday 3rd November 2001 - Sunday 2nd December 2001 right after ChuckleVision, then from Saturday 5th January 2002 - Sunday 10th Febuary 2002 at 1.00pm. They were only shown once on CBBC on Choice and never showed Series 2 of Binka. Binka continued to be shown on CBeebies every weekend at 10.25am.