Adrian Dickson (born 1977) is a South-African born British television and radio host.

He began his career after graduating from a Broadcast Journalism university degree course. His first television appearances were for CBBC on BBC Television. He presented CBBC Presentation In Studio 9 and Sub Zero as well as host non-children's programmes Top of the Pops and its sister show Top of the Pops @ Play. In 2002 he went on to front and co-produce the UK Top 40 for the CBBC Channel, a weekly rundown of the music charts. For radio, he presented shows for BBC Radio 3 and BBC 7 as well as independent local radio. Late in 2004 he became an international showbusiness reporter and producer for E! Entertainment Television.[1]

Adrian hosted shows for Rapture TV, was a continuity announcer for UKTV and reported on London West End Theatre news for the Heathrow Express Train Service.

In 2005 he created a media production company which produces entertainment news shows for Britain's Channel 4 and websites worldwide. The company is also the market leader in creating presenter showreels.

Adrian is now the UK bureau chief for US channel ReelzChannel and also reports for Fox Television stations.

CBBC on Choice Edit

Adrian began presenting CBBC on Choice on Sunday 24th December 2000 taking over from previous main presenter Michael Underwood with co-host Emlyn the Gremlyn, He would link into the programmes aswell as showing the pictures, birthday cards and much more. After Emlyn left in 2001 he was only presenter on CBBC on Choice until it's last day on Sunday 11th February 2002 although Liam Dolan presented CBBC on Choice for a while also later in 2001.

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Adrian and Emlyn presenting in 2001 with the yellow CBBC ball behind them, also joined by Fireman Sam, Postman Pat, Noddy and the Teletubbies. The frog ident is on the videowall.

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Adrian and Emlyn presenting once again in 2001 from behind one of the CBBC desks featuring a lit up CBBC logo also joined by two of the Teletubbies.

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Adrian and Emlyn with another CBBC on Choice, a different videowall this time of scattered CBBC balls and Fireman Sam just by Adrian's arm.

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Adrian and Emlyn presenting yet another weekend on CBBC on Choice with the videowall now playing the blobs ident.

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Adrian and Emlyn presenting CBBC on Choice with the CBBC balls on the videowall and there also joined by Noddy, Fireman Sam and Tinky Winky from Teletubbies.

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Adrian and Emlyn presenting CBBC on Choice in 2001, with the return of the CBBC characters videowall this version features Pablo the Little Red Fox.

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Emlyn and Adrian presenting a festive CBBC on Choice on Saturday 30th December 2000 also the website address is present.

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Adrian and Emlyn presenting CBBC on Choice with yet another version of the video wall this time featuring the Teletubbies.

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Adrian and Emlyn presenting again in 2001 and a different background on the videowall behind, there's aload of CBBC balls as well as the day of the week.

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Adrian and Emlyn in 2001 presenting a link into Chucklevision in a strange sort of way, the videowall is now showing a bigger version of the CBBC balls.

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Adrian and Emlyn presenting CBBC on Choice on Sunday 24th December 2000 with the background video being the fish ident in blue though.

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Adrian and Emlyn presenting on New Year's Eve 2000 in the nicely decorated christmas studio, there also joined by Pulsh toys of Fireman Sam and Bob the Builder.

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Adrian and Emlyn with another CBBC on Choice from 2001, the videowall seems to be just the generic yellow CBBC colour.

BBC Choice CBBC 01122001 1

Adrian presenting CBBC on Choice on Saturday 1st December 2001 coming out of ChuckleVision linking into Funnybones.